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They want Justice

The pools of history
Are filled with enmity
Dark plans and evil plots
Revolution by haves and nots
Iron wheels of economy
Married with brutality

In hearts robbed of hope
Beneath the hanging rope
Can you wonder at their cries
In the deadness of their lives

In a crowded square
Hate fills the air
The ...

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It's quite hard to debug past the ctypes layer (Arguments are marshalled at a lower level than GDB seems to understand...)

Since I didn't figure I'd actually get to sleep, decided to spend some time trying to figure out why the glutInit function is failing. The function is failing when GLUT tries to copy one of the strings in the argv array. Unfortunately, I can't see what that array is (easily), as the ctypes stuff has ...

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Trial now has a default timeout for test cases (Yes, yes, I know, I wasn't going to work any more this evening...)

I've been getting annoyed with twisted.trial all day, as I look at test results declaring that there's a problem in test case <lambda>. So I decided (unable to just sit about) that I'd update to the lastest Twisted SVN root and produce a fix for it.

Apparently someone else was annoyed by the effect and ...

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