Trial now has a default timeout for test cases (Yes, yes, I know, I wasn't going to work any more this evening...)

I've been getting annoyed with twisted.trial all day, as I look at test results declaring that there's a problem in test case <lambda>. So I decided (unable to just sit about) that I'd update to the lastest Twisted SVN root and produce a fix for it.

Apparently someone else was annoyed by the effect and its already been fixed. But there's also a new "feature" where trial defaults to having a timeout for all tests. From spelunking through the code it should be possible to set a timeout as a method on a module, class or method, but I haven't been able to get that working yet.

So under Twisted head, my test suite is horribly broken, though it has no errors under the latest Twisted release :( . I'm tired of trying to fix it this evening, so I think I'll just go to bed (or at least try, though I really don't feel sleepy just now). Sigh.


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