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Building observability into BasicProperty (Well, adding a module that provides it, anyway...)

Couldn't sleep, so decided to enhance a demo I wrote a few days ago when someone asked about how to do observable fields/properties in Python. OpenGLContext's VRML97 scenegraph is built out of observable fields, and we have a number of observable BasicProperty sub-classes in Cinemon, but BasicProperty itself hasn't had a "standard" observability story.

Backing ...

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Far too long a day (Working with foreign systems is a PITA)

Couldn't get much of Tim or D'Arcy's time today, so much of my time was spent in frustration. I've noticed as I get older that I scream more at the computer.

Eventually I had to admit defeat and decide to wait until someone who knows the system explains what the freakin heck I need to ...

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