Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Fates are kind to Mikey...)

As noted in the last post, I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of seeing Star Wars III (trust issues after being scr*w*d over on I and II). So when I got to the theatre and it didn't show up on the playbill I wasn't exactly crying in my beer :) . Turns out that the theatre has a mistaken entry in whatever database is being used by Now magazine, the Toronto Star and Movie Phone so that it shows up as the only theatre downtown still showing episode III.

Long story short, we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. While it wasn't as good as the book, it was worth seeing. My biggest complaint is that the wonders and joy of the chocolate factory (and Wonka) never really got to show through... Burton's Wonka is a rather dark, small character, and the actual tour of the factory feels more like a series of traps laid for the flaws of the 4 doomed children rather than a field of wonder where the children's flaws lead them into violating the rules and sealing their doom.

Anyway, did a bit of work after getting home (didn't figure I would be able to get to sleep). Tomorrow I've got a poker evening at a friend's place, but first I'm helping my sister and her friend Delcina move a fouton. Last time we did this we wound up having to tie the silly thing to the top of the car (it's a VWGolf, not a lot of room for a full-sized bed).


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