Now that was pleasant! (Meet new people, friendly people, good people...)

Simon's poker night was quite enjoyable. Met Leigh again (I know the spelling is wrong, I just don't know what it really is, but I know it has at least one 'h' in it) again, had seen her at a Unix Unanimous meeting once, but we never talked. Sarah (another of Simon's friends) was also quite pleasant to talk to.

Had quite a pleasant little debate-fire going until Shane called the poker game to order. I didn't totally embarrass myself, but I got clocked two or three times where I was... well... not exactly bluffing, but hoping for a little more than the cards would sustain, coming out just ever-so-slightly below the winning hand. Oh well, held out until the second-to-last hand (there were still 2 or 3 guys with lots of chips, they just decided to play a kamakazie round so that they could go home too).


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