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I seem to have lost all patience with Windows (Should probably get someone else to maintain the toolkit compiler document...)

Booted into Windows intending to do the Win32 platform module for OpenGL-ctypes. To get that working I need to get ctypes built from CVS. Unfortunately, the code requires the _ftol2 function, which isn't available in the toolkit compiler. After 30 minutes of poking at it and only getting the _ctypes (but not the _ctypes_test) extension ...

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GLE flies the OpenGL-ctypes skies (Along with major reconstruction of the wrapper module...)

One of the things I'm trying to do with building OpenGL-ctypes is to figure out just what's needed to wrap complex software using the package, and (eventually) to be able to suggest ways to make ctypes easier to use for such tasks. Part of doing that is getting it wrong a couple of times, and ...

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