Meetings stretch days (Temporal hamburger helper...)

I like meetings (I'm a people junkie), but they leave me with this nagging little voice that tells me I need to make up for the time spent in them. So I wind up working a full day after the meeting, which turns the day into a long grind.

Anyway, we're finally getting a permanent Cinemon demo server set up. We've been running the demo on druid (our development server), and that just hasn't had the power to make a go of it.

I've still got the caffeine jitters from the couple of mugs this morning, but I really need to get some sleep if I don't want tomorrow to be a productivity write-off.

I guess I could boot into Windows and test the LivePage code under IE, that's a fairly mindless task... the thing is I'm not sure just how totally karked the machine is now (I haven't rebooted since the gcc and glibc build failures from the botched 2005.0 upgrade), so if I reboot I may very well not be able to continue working at all.

I'm going to do a fresh Gentoo 2005.1 install on the new SATA drive, incidentally. Might as well use the opportunity to get rid of the cruft. I'm thinking I won't build the ~amd64 KDE, I'll stick with stable versions of as much of the software as I can handle. Hopefully that will get Digikam and Juk fixed. Though I doubt it will do much to get Inkscape working again (I need Inkscape to do SVG work for Cinemon).

Guess I could burn the Gentoo installation CD to a CD-ROM while I'm thinking about it.


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