OpenGL-ctypes extensions inching forward (Autogeneration (and working) are the sticky parts...)

Today (after defeating grams 4 games to 2) I started in on the OpenGL-ctypes extensions. Weird thing is, I can't see in PyOpenGL where it's passing in the GL context to the function-binding code. I could have sworn we needed the extension initialised for each context, but it looks as though the context is only referenced to create a hash value.

I'm using the same basic generation code as for PyOpenGL. I'm doing that mostly because the glext.h file doesn't have nice function( type name, type name) parameter declarations anywhere inside it. I pull apart the two declarations (one with the proper name, one with the proper signature) and then construct a model of the function.

There's 250 extensions, I'd guess probably 100 of those are going to require some form of customisation (e.g. declaring variables input/output, images, that kind of thing). Not something I'm going to dive into tonight.


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