A most pleasant day (Reading and talking and coffee, oh my!)

Today was a design theory day, which is to say, a good day. For there really is nothing quite as interesting as spending the day thinking about deep topics. Oh, programming, at its best, can be a pleasant diversion, but it doesn't really challenge the mind in the same way. It's a goal-driven pursuit, rather than an exploratory/revelatory pursuit.

What's even better, after 6 hours or so of reading and pondering, Shane and Rainee (I don't actually know the spelling of her name) showed up at Starbucks. An hour or so later Simon and Leigh (again, don't know the spelling) showed up and we spent another 4 hours or so talking.

Better yet, after we finished up the particle physics and political philosophy Rainee and I spent quite a long period discussing design theory. She stayed about 2 hours longer than she'd intended even though she was sick, just to be nice. Yay!

The barrista's were asking if I had won the lottery as I was so happy-seeming, then they were wondering if I was an actor, then there was something about my having birds trapped within me... that was weird :) .


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