Why work on details (When your strength is conceptual operations?)

Had one of those days. Lots of pointless, stupid little details, the kind of thing that should really be getting handed off to someone who enjoys fiddling with everything until they achieve perfection. In the same day I came up with 2 ideas that are both marketable business plans, things that address an immediate widespread need (actually, sitting on the edge between need and desire, in both cases), are readily achievable, and produce a very nice income for 3 or 4 people (each) for a year or two. With luck and proper management they could even be significant businesses.

Problem is I just don't have time to work on the business plans because I have piles of silly details to slog through. Comes right down to it, I'm not even that good at the detail stuff... pulling a hay-wagon with a porsche is not smart.

I need a tractor.


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