Bit of hacking for OpenGL-ctypes (Images or bust... or something like that...)

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even looked at the OpenGL folder (the 124 unread messages count is scaring me). So, rather than do something useful and see what people are asking about, I decided to do some coding on OpenGL-ctypes. Basically I decided to get the image-handling working.

Didn't quite get there. After half an hour of futzing about trying to find something in OpenGL that could produce an invalid enum with code that's been working in PyOpenGL for years I decided to write a small ctypes test case. Should have done that first. Oh well.

Anyway, also wrote code that catches entry-point lookup failure and substitutes NullFunction instances. That's to allow tests like:

if someCoolFunction: someCoolFunction(...)
else: backupFunction(...)

Anyway, think I'm about finished with hacking for the evening. The images thing really was my evening's plan, and it's pretty much solved (well, localised to outside of my area of expertise).


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