What to do with vertex_buffer_objects? (Pushes itself deep into the rest of OpenGL)

A few fixes here and there in OpenGL-ctypes, allows a few more of the samples to run properly. Also did some preliminary testing with PyGame-ctypes (seems to work fine with OpenGL-ctypes). Then sat down to work on the ARB vertex_buffer_objects extension. The extension itself is fairly straightforward, but it's the side effects that make it weird.

When there's a bound VBO just about every array-handling function suddenly needs to be able to accept a VBO offset (integer) as its input. The annoyance is that we then have to use the "raw" APIs for all array calls, since we don't actually have the array around, or we need to store the relevant parameters for the VBO's dimensions, type, etceteras and look them up whenever we want to process a VBO reference.

Thinking about how to do that all elegantly.


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