Pleasant visit and then coffee (With an annoying traffic ridden commute in the middle)

Out to Mississauga again to visit Shiva and Shademan. Pleasant little brunch and then about 3 hours out walking in the rain. Got a little wet. Wound up leaving far too late and then hitting very heavy traffic. Spent something like 30 minutes in line at the grocery store (more traffic of a sort), then hit a detour. Wound up arriving 10 minutes late to my own party. Luckily the first guest arrived 5 minutes later.

Simon (2) brought along his rather striking friend Charline (hoping I'm remembering her name correctly). Very pleasant to talk to. Shane's friend Mary-Anna also dropped in (she's a semiotician, but we didn't really get into any long discussions of semiotics (luckily she's not an architectural semiotician, so I won't have to yell at her :) )).

Anyway, been rather a long day, so I think I'll just curl up and sleep... though I suppose first I should put my shoes somewhere they will dry out overnight (walking over to grams tomorrow).


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