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It is a dry bazaar
Stretching across hard-cracked soil
Each our little stall
Full of dessicated thoughts
Polished as we might
Tattered with the lack of funds
Not fit for the greater market
Hoping to set up the next day
A little closer to the stream
That someone might stop by
But not so close ...

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The Blankets

The Blankets
Angry with my nighttime thrashing
Play a cruel prank
Pretending to be you
Calling me to hold them
As I sleep

Pleasant visit and then coffee (With an annoying traffic ridden commute in the middle)

Out to Mississauga again to visit Shiva and Shademan. Pleasant little brunch and then about 3 hours out walking in the rain. Got a little wet. Wound up leaving far too late and then hitting very heavy traffic. Spent something like 30 minutes in line at the grocery store (more traffic of a sort), then ...

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