Ah, that new startup smell (Critical conversations over dinner)

As mentioned a few weeks ago, had a few interesting ideas for new companies. We're looking into one of those now, bringing in friends with experience in starting and running larger companies to kick the tires and tell us what's needed to get to the next step. It's rather fun.

The weird thing is that, other than 2 or 3 hours on Cinemon administration, the entire day was consumed. That's rather a lot of time when you think about it ($900 or so in monetary terms), but then you work out the ROI if you make it all work and realise that even months and months of effort is worth it.

Tomorrow I want to work on the PySNMP 4.x adaptation of TwistedSNMP (for Cinemon), but who knows if I'll have the time... still, it was supposed to be finished more than a week and a half ago, so I suppose I will make time one way or another.


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