Some VOIP-ing to round out the day (Which is now way over my scheduled 9hrs)

Spent the rest of the evening on the VOIP platform, mostly going through the whole process of registering someone, setting up the hardware, testing that the hardware works, that they can call, that they can get voicemail, and little things like that. It did not go spectacularly well. I think many of the problems were caused by having a NAT router in front of the VOIP router, others were problems with the router refusing to download it's configuration file.

I've said it before, I'll say it again; VOIP is inherently less reliable than the PSTN. There's just so much deeper a stack of items required to be working at the client's site than are required for PSTN service to work. Relying on VOIP for 911 service just seems nuts to me. It's great for second-line service, but you just don't want to be worrying if a router configuration conflict is going to take out the phone just as the kitchen catches on fire.

Speaking of which, the stove's burner broke this morning. I was out talking with Rosey when I noticed extremely bright flashes coming from under the kettle. Turns out the burner was welding itself to the bottom of the kettle! It's the large front burner that broke. Makes it far more annoying to cook, as the welded-on kettle is right in the way.


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