Choosing and moving forward is good (TwistedSNMP begins to grow PySNMP 4.x support...)

Today I committed to the PySNMP 4.x approach and began coding in earnest. Amazing how much faster things go when you have a commitment to the approach, you aren't constantly backing up and saying "wait a minute, shouldn't there be a better way", you just plow ahead and let the chips fall as they might.

I got the bulk of the TwistedSNMP Manager-side API reimplemented. That's the most important part, as the Agent-side was always just for testing the Managers (or applications using the managers). I had to do a bit of shivving to get the old API to work with PySNMP 4.x's storage of connection parameters in its OID-store.

Ran into the lack of a timeout mechanism rather thuddingly, will have to work on that.

Choosing to implement only the highest-level TwistedSNMP API against the highest-level PySNMP asynchronous API (plus the previously-created Twisted protocol/transport layer) made it easier than I was expecting to adapt the code. Anyway, more hacking likely later this evening, but for now I need to stand up, stretch, and de-intensify for a few hours.


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