Details are depressing (Give me mountains to build, not potholes to fill...)

The bulk of today is being spent on the VOIP project (still going at it, just needed to take a break). Mostly it's just implementing a new organisation by rewriting scripts here and there. It's the kind of work that can be readily handled by one who has had a frontal lobotomy.

I've found myself gritting my teeth and chewing my lower lip to fight the boredom. The book on Kant's Critique is sitting on the desk behind me now. Having it in front of me was way too frustrating. There are simply put NO concepts needing to be discovered in this project (there haven't been since day one), it's all just repeating what every web application developer since before bubble has been doing... and without concepts to discover, what's the point?

Tomorrow is going to be pretty much a write off, what with the management meeting in the morning and the Python hacking event at Linux Caffe in the evening. In between those two the plasterers should be here (they didn't show up today), so not a great working environment.

Anyway, need to get back to it if I'm going to finish tonight.


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