Intention Matters (Not necessarily in appreciating design, but in designing-as-intention it is central...)

Spent the afternoon out of the house in the hope of avoiding catching whatever flu Rosey has come down with. However, had to return to get any real work done, so by tomorrow I'll likely be out of commission for a day or two.

Was a pleasant afternoon, though honestly I'd rather have spent it talking than playing poker. Oh well. At least Shane lost :) .

Brendan was extremely skeptical of the approach I'm taking. I have to admit, I did a rather poor job of the 5-minute pitch. He wound up focussing on whether "intention" matters in art; given that design is defined within the thesis as a form of intention it was a bit of a red herring off to the side (the discussion can be interesting, but it's not part of the thrust; when you do intend to do something (are designing) then whether you analyse the effect based on the author's intent or the result are both just possible tools for understanding how to carry out your intent).

Anyway, I think I'll cook a bit of dinner while I'm still healthy and then sit down to either edit chapter one or start into chapter two.


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