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Nov. 21, 2005 - Nov. 27, 2005

Inch, inch, inching along (Tiny bit of OpenGL-ctypes work...)

Oh, how trivial a bit of work it was. I just added a numarray-based array FormatHandler to OpenGL-ctypes. It seems to work fine, though I don't have any non-trivial numarray-using code with which to test it. The difference between the Numpy and numarray code is trivial, other than the imports the modules are identical (including ...

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Magritte and chocolate and music (Wandering about Toronto...)

Michelle cancelled for the Plasticised People exhibit, so I spent the day at the library. Nothing really exciting that way, picked up a new book to read and a "Pocket Magritte" to flip through.

Magritte is one of those painters I feel ambivalent about; some of his work is playing with interesting ideas, but for ...

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Plasticised People (Tomorrow's plans...)

I had completely forgotten that Michelle and I had agreed to go to the Plasticised People exhibit tomorrow to sketch. So much for my plans to get huge amounts of writing done.

Not much else to report, basically the whole day was spent on phone conferences. Not the most productive day in the world, but ...

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Good PyGTA Turnout (and other little details...)

Turnout at PyGTA last night was decent, 9 or 10 people, enough to occupy (but not fill) the whole meeting end of the Linux Caffe. I should have brought along some VRML content to display, OpenGLContext's tests just aren't that interesting to watch. Also ran into a bug with the mouse-event handling, thinking it may ...

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For the ravening OpenGL-ctypes hordes (A few tweaks and fixes...)

Prepping for mini-talk tonight on OpenGL-ctypes I've just been installing it to Tim's laptop. Came across a few shallow bugs along the way; for one, I'd introduced unintended dependencies on FreeGLUT and GLE, those are now caught on failure, there was also a pointless import of Numeric in the glget module (Numeric shouldn't be a ...

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Pythonic duct tape (When data imports...)

I spent much of the day working on CDR billing-data import for the VoIP project. This is pretty simple stuff, download the records, load them, unify them with the ids in the database, and then insert records to record the charges. It just takes forever. Lots of trivial little bits that need to be dealt ...

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