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Feb. 28, 2005 - March 6, 2005

The key to happiness is detachment from the things of this world (Or, people are better (but slower) than Bryan assumes they are...)

Somebody found and turned in the bag! While I suppose there's some "romantic" part of the population that was probably rooting for the bag's little voyage a liberte (hmm, have to figure out what I need to do to create accented characters in Linux some day), those of us who have sold out to ...

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Sleep would be good about now... (It refuses to come, so I think about encryption)

Okay, I'm sure there's some obvious reason this won't work, since it seems so obvious, and lots of people are working in this area, but it's keeping me awake, so may as well inflict it on others...

Goal: make encrypted email communication the norm.
Partial Problem: need for registration with keyservers, resolution of who is ...

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I need to write faster (Get the paper done and work on the presentation!)

Worked on the PyCon paper some more this evening (when I wasn't bumping into bugs here and there in OOo). Mostly just getting the section introducing data descriptors roughed out and doing some more work on the functions-to-non-data-descriptors generalisation.

Problem is, I still have a lot of material to cover and I'm spending entirely too ...

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Even with sample code a whole day disappears creating 1 XMLRPC method! (Well, probably 90% of it was getting the server running...)

Spent the whole day working on porting the few bits of old-Cinemon that are actually used by ACI over to the new-Cinemon codebase so that we can use the old Cinemon box as a query server. Stephen over on the twisted discussion list sent me some sample code for the operation on Friday, but it ...

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