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March 7, 2005 - March 13, 2005

Still non-functional (And now Rosey's machine is infected...)

Fever is back up again, and I feel like I'm mentally underwater. Just lying in bed is getting painful, so I'm trying sitting up, but then dizziness hits. Rosey says I'm "burning up", but it's really much less intense than yesterday. Sick sucks.

To make my life perfect, Rosey's Windows machine has been infected by ...

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You'd a thunk I woulda noticed (Fever, muscle and joint pain...)

So, again, after Friday's workday I found myself just collapsing in bed and sleeping, but this time I woke up around 2 in the morning because my back, legs, neck, etceteras were just too painful to keep sleeping. Eventually managed to get back to sleep around 3 or 4 am, but woke up this morning ...

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Tim's been stolen! (Well, forcibly confined (they even took his shoes!))

Received a plaintive set of emails from our colleague Tim. We've recently been hiring him out as a sort of technical call-guy, sending him off to other people's offices to do whatever weird and warped things the customer wants him to do. All well and good.

Until a trick turns sour.

Poor guy has been ...

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Days are, ironically, shrinking (Or so it seems...)

Hands were so chutneyed last night that I went to bed as soon as I was finished work for the day. Exercise is fast becoming a top priority, as without getting my hands back to usable shape I'm not going to be getting much work done regardless of how much time I sit at the ...

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Firefox annoyances continue... (Profile recreationectomy almost works)

The bugs I discovered yesterday have been somewhat mitigated. Basically, if I start Firefox with --ProfileManager and use a new profile then everything works properly within the browser; of course, that means I have to click an extra button every time I load the browser (annoying, not deadly), and I've lost all of my site ...

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The ability to suspend thought is one I must recover (If I'm ever to sleep properly...)

I decided I was too tired to work on the PyCon presentation, so I went to bed instead. Five and a half hours later I haven't gotten to sleep yet. Instead, I've tossed and turned for five hours with these weird half-dreams about better ways of reporting and finding bugs in software. I say "half ...

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Bug steals a day and mocks me unresolved (And somewhere in there I lost a few hours...)

Spent basically the whole day trying to figure out why one of the two CMTSs is reporting huge numbers of offline modems even though you can manually ask any of the offline modems to scan and have it succeed.

It's one of those errors that seems to defy the logic of the application, the scanner ...

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Still awake... (Listening to an audio book to try to get to sleep)

Book is not what I was expecting. It's "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them", and I'd been expecting a psychological study of the nature of lying. It's actually an attempt to address the right-wing media machine. Not much in the way of new material... that's wrong, not many new ideas, just a ...

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First 10 slides finished (Fairly snappy presentation so far...)

There's a huge difference when you write a presentation to be accompanied by a paper versus one where the presentation is the whole enchilada. The slides are much less crowded, you present just the highest-level points and move on. Not sure whether it's going to markedly change the time per slide.

Anyway, converted all of ...

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The day stretches out behind me, merciless and inscrutible (Scorching blacktop I will never drive again...)

Spent the whole (long) day working on the status display for Cinemon. It was one of those days where you focus on the project so closely that you've lost track of what time it is. You just look up from the code around 9pm and realise "hey, I probably should have eaten something" and then ...

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