Shane's Darwin platform module for OpenGL-ctypes (Test and report bugs...)

Shane Holloway just sent in a platform module that should let OpenGL-ctypes run on OS-X (he's only tested with the wxPython demo so far). I've checked the module into CVS, so all you darwin peoples who've just been chomping at the bit to see the OpenGL-ctypes goodness, feel free to check it out and report problems.


  1. Dethe Elza

    Dethe Elza on 01/05/2006 11:45 a.m. #

    That's great news. Any tips for getting started with this? I want to play, but have to wedge it in between umpteen other projects. A quick howto for getting started, and things you'd especially like to see exercised, would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Shane Holloway

    Shane Holloway on 01/05/2006 12:47 p.m. #

    I just substituted the Ctypes OpenGL package for the standard one. It worked with the *very* simple wxPython-demo's use of OpenGL.<br />
    <br />

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