PyOpenGL *is* now building cleanly on Gentoo (One-line fix...)

With a one-line fix, PyOpenGL is back to building on Gentoo. I haven't tried installing it, as I don't know how Gentoo would react to my unmerging PyOpenGL right in the middle of emerging 7 updated (but unrelated) packages.

Spent the "morning" (I actually slept until 4pm or so) working on summarising Cinemon for managerial types. Only got up to about 2 pages. Not really sure how much information to give, after all, don't want to give away the recipe for the secret sauce before you sell your first burger.

Trying to get the PyOpenGL bugs dealt with quickly so I can get back to real work ASAP... shouldn't have done the update of the other packages, but I didn't figure on finding the building bug taking all of 3 minutes.


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