Poetry a Smashing Success

Well, that was fun! No more verse this evening, think I need to decompress a bit if I'm going to be able to sleep. About 13 people (didn't actually think to count), and IIRC almost everyone shared a poem, with many sharing their own work. We did quite a few rounds of reading, then sat about for a few hours afterward in pleasant conversation.

I read more of my work than I was planning. I made the mistake of printing out 16, thinking I'd choose 6 from that on the spot. I probably read 12 of them. In retrospect, Of Mangos probably wasn't a good choice, but the rest seemed to be well-enough liked.

Leigh brought her friend Jasamine, who by some weird cosmic alignment met Shane randomly on the subway this morning (a fruiting incident of some type, details were sketchy). Shadi showed up even though she was totally exhausted and stayed right through to the end (now-ish).

Anyway, I need to quiet down. Maybe listen to music or something... just entirely too wound up to sleep.


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