How did I forget that (Sunday night's not great for thinking, apparently...)

Didn't even touch the VoIP stuff (yet) today (though did have a short phone call or two about it). I had forgotten on Sunday that I was going to phone a distributor Monday morning. Basically spent the whole day on the phone call, research to answer some questions (yes, Cinemon should be 100% Euro-DOCSIS compatible being the biggest one), some time to look at using Net-SNMP for implementing agents, and then preparing a 1-page summary of Cinemon.

Skype still doesn't work on my machine, but I got around the first problem with 20 or 30 minutes of fiddling (needs a wrapper script to get access to the audio). Now it doesn't complain, I just can neither hear nor produce audio.

It's rather late, but I'm still considering putting some time in on StarPy. I really would like to get a decent IVR-menu class put together.


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