Need to do a bit of porting (Where's the time...)

Realised today that SimpleParse doesn't build on Python 2.5. Something in the test for PY_HEX_VERSION is failing so it's trying to redefine functions that have been in Python since 2.3. Sigh. Also need to look at whether it's easily possible to get .egg files into an installer for Win32 users. I also want to get the various C packages converted to use mingw32 on Win32 at some point (though I probably won't try to get PyOpenGL converted).

Then need to get more work done on .egg-ifying the various parts of OpenGLContext (SimpleParse, TTFQuery, the numpy-compatible FontTools). Then need to do some setuptools hacking to see if I can't get that to support either/or dependencies. Oh, and then some py2exe hacking to get .egg support built in.

But before I look at all that stuff, I need to get the paying work done... of which there is plenty to complete before I head off next Thursday morning. Which reminds me; Need to figure out how to get from the airport to the hotel in Dallas, need to get the presentation cleaned up and ready to go, need to make sure all customers are prepped and ready for the month-end (for those for whom it matters), need to get the taxes done for the company, oh, and need to get the billing done too.

I'm approaching that "need to do" gridlock stage. I guess I just focus on the core business for tonight and worry about the rest later.


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