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Wednesday is the Toronto Philosophy group meeting (Guess that's today now...)

For those interested in discussing ideas in Philosophy, our little group meets in the Daily Express Cafe @ 6pm Wednesday (it's the cafe in the Hotel about 1/2 block West of St. George Street on Bloor). Generally interesting discussions, worth checking out.

Of course, i forgot that tomorrow is also Pearl's birthday party, so I'll ...

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Blocking on system setups (Wasting time trying to work around missing libraries...)

Have spent way too much of today on non-billable work that's basically just trying to work around not-yet-installed system libraries. Could probably have finished the task if I'd had a working environment. Of course, most of that wasted time is my own fault, should have just accepted that the libraries weren't there yet and moved ...

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A Perfect Day

It's beginning to rain
As I walk in the door
Breaking the dense heat
Of a summer's city day
There's smoke in the air
You wanted to see
Whether you could build
A robot from an old TV
Your face covered in soot
Hair pinned up with pens
Bright smile flashing out
As it crawls ...

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Newest StarPy Twisted protocols for Asterisk released (Getting ready to use them for a real world project...)

After a couple or three hours of paying work, sat down to polish the StarPy code to the point where I can use it for writing a real server (also to be paying work). First server should be fairly trivial, it's just a FastAGI instance that attaches to the MySQL CDR database and the provisioning ...

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