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The key to Asterisk, it turns out... (Is rebuilding kernels obsessively until you find one that works...)

Tim was having such pain building Asterisk on FreeBSD I decided I would try again under Gentoo. Used a fresh kernel version (2.6.15-r5), did a build with the 2.6.14-r5 .config, re-emerged the nVidia driver, rebuilt the zaptel svn, rebooted to the new kernel, saw ztdummy had failed to load, so rebuilt zaptel again and noticed ...

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To poetry events this weekend (we go) (Slam on Friday, Meetup on Saturday)

For those poetry writers in Toronto, there's a Poetry Slam on Friday at 9pm at the Victory Cafe (581 Markham Street, near Bathurst and Bloor). Poetry slams being competitive live poetry composition/reading. There's a $5 cover at this one. For the less rambunctious lovers of the word, there's a Poetry Meetup on Saturday at 4pm ...

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