The key to Asterisk, it turns out... (Is rebuilding kernels obsessively until you find one that works...)

Tim was having such pain building Asterisk on FreeBSD I decided I would try again under Gentoo. Used a fresh kernel version (2.6.15-r5), did a build with the 2.6.14-r5 .config, re-emerged the nVidia driver, rebuilt the zaptel svn, rebooted to the new kernel, saw ztdummy had failed to load, so rebuilt zaptel again and noticed it wasn't finishing the build because of a permissions failing, so rebuilt as su and installed, modprobe and voila!

The annoying tinny sound and the incredibly slow GSM playback are both gone. Sound is crystal clear for 2-3 people in a conference (a bit echo-y and broken up with 4) on a heavily loaded box (doing video encoding in the background as well as running a bunch of desktop apps). I still have to test to make sure it works if ztdummy gets loaded on startup, but I'm hopeful!

Bit of Cinemon hacking to make installation debugging easier. Turns out that "private network" isn't quite explicit enough a description if a user isn't really familiar with the topology of the network, they can wind up connecting us to the wrong network. Now when they do it they can see what we consider the IP address, letting them see that it's not what they considered the private network.


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