Enjoyable but entirely too long of a day (Conversations galore...)

Plan for the day went off as expected, meeting, then Linux Caffe, then UU, then drinks afterward. I've decided I need to buy myself a laptop, not fair to be using Rose's every day all day, and I find I'm developing a bit of an addiction to not sitting in my room all day every day. Bryan (hi Bryan) was teasing me with the idea of a "free" laptop, cruel man that Bryan.

Rose's laptop wireless is working, but unfortunately none of the network-dependent services will start without the net.eth0 service running, and the dhcpcd client sits waiting for 30 seconds on boot doing nothing useful. Rather a poor setup that way.

Worked on some marketing material for Vex, and a contract proposal for Cinemon while I was down at the Caffe. Oh, and I saw Rainee at Linux Caffe! It took me quite a while to place her; I'm so used to walking into Linux Caffe and sort of half-recognising everyone from various Open Source meetings that I didn't recognise someone so totally outside my learned context for them (until she asked how my thesis work was going). We didn't really get a chance to talk, as both of us were there to work, but was nice to see her again.

I've had 3 cups of caf coffee this evening, plus 2 large ones this morning, so though I can barely keep my eyes open I probably wouldn't be able to sleep if I were to try now. I'm thinking I'll try to build a wish-list feature for Cinemon to kill the time... or I could slog through the 500 or so emails that have accumulated while I was out...


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