Day limps into the final stretch (Broken and battered, with little to show...)

Spent the first part of the day dealing with reboot issues, then got to slog into the wonderful world of the marketing materials. Amazing just how much time I'm burning on these things. Today's task was primarily getting the single-page handout finished, which included some significant text editing, updating the web-site, and then spending a great ungodly swack of time trying to get Inkscape to product a decent PDF version of the documents.

The problem appears to be primarily over in ghostscript, particularly the installation on my AMD64 box. 3 versions of two packages all show the same failing behaviour on a mere attempt to start (without even considering the file to be processed).

However, using the Win32 port, things weren't much better. Inkscape produces a 3.5MB postscript file to describe a 280KB SVG file. Ghostscript manages to reduce the size to 690KB, but that's still a fairly hefty download IMO. The PNG image for the same file at 300DPI is only 913KB.

Tomorrow I'm off to Aurora to install the demo on the backup laptop, fix the reboot problems while I can physically reach over and reboot to test, and generally finalise plans with Bryan for the trip. Going to spend the trip up planning out the sales pitches so that we can go over them.

Kids are being put to sleep now, they were out until almost 10pm.

[Hmm, does this really belong in "Snaking?" It's almost more of a "Tuxedo" or even a "Vindaloo"... overly-rigid categories strike again]


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