New features a springing (But I managed to break an older one...)

I've now implemented a fairly nice feature (read it costs you $10,000 as a stand-alone product from other companies) for Cinemon, namely being able to see the last 14 days of graphed upstream channel signal-quality and transfer history (about 10,000 data-points per channel per property with 5 properties). We've had limited (one or two day) non-persistent views, but the new code stores the data so that it's available between server restarts.

I've also done rather a lot of refactoring for this and the latency reduction fixes, and somehow in doing that I karked up 3 of the general group-history graph renderings. One of those annoying errors that I can't reproduce on the development system where it's likely just a problem of using the wrong data-type, but debugging it is a PITA because I have to work on a live server.

Anyway, probably do a bit more work on it this evening. Tomorrow I'm thinking will be a VoIP project day.


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