I still have teeth! (Yay)

Turns out my teeth aren't as bad as they expected them to be (despite it being 7 years since my last checkup and a decade since the last cleaning). I basically just brush too hard and too often. Anyway, downgraded from a 7.5 hour to a 5 hour cleaning (second half to start in a few hours).

Oh, coolest name I've heard in a while: "Noble" and her friend's name is "Angel" (Angela). Heady little group, that.

Yesterday was pretty much a write off for real work. I got up, showered, then had to go back to bed until the appointment (couldn't read the screen). Went back to bed right after dinner. Maybe caffeine isn't the solution to all life's problems (stay off caffeine, kids!) My eyes are still sore and bloodshot... though "sore" might just be an effect caused by the sun streaming in past the blinds (see, there's a reason I normally don't get up until noon).


  1. od

    od on 02/07/2008 11:51 p.m. #

    Nice experience !! Great to read it..

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