Forgot to clock in this afternoon (Whole day's work disappears...)

I did a bit of work on OpenGL-ctypes this morning, mostly just reintegrating the win32 changes so that the Linux build still works. I also killed a number of extension-module autogeneration problems. Doesn't actually make them work, but the modules are now valid Python (and correct, just useless until they get some extra code).

Then went out to get hiking boots. I'm planning on hiking down to (and maybe back from) Linux Caffe most days, saving $2.10 or $4.20, getting some exercise (about 1hr each way at a good clip), and making the "office" less expensive to maintain as a result. I know, I know, seems trivial, but it adds up over a month or twelve, and I really do need the exercise, light and air.

However, today was a school holiday, had beautiful weather, and was just at the start of hiking season. Canadian Tire was pretty much sold out of hiking boots of any reasonable style as a result (and yes, I checked in-stock status before I left, apparently they update the web-site once-daily). No hiking boots as a result, so I'll be hiking down in my expensive, but ill-fitting and now broken-soled older boots.

On returning I basically dropped into fixing various things. When you're billing by the minute (yes, we bill by the minute) forgetting to log a day where you're working on 5 different projects, some internal, some external, some personal, you're pretty much out of luck. Oh well, guess we'll consider it all a customer bonus.

A big part of it was starting to go through my backlog of email... there's still 60+ emails that I need to work on in my inbox and 200+ in my OpenGL folder (eeps!), but I cleared the rest of the Python-lists backlog, got caught up on internal tickets, and generally have less email-anxiety now :) .


  1. Mark

    Mark on 04/18/2006 1:19 p.m. #

    Hiking boots.. Canadian tire? is your friend. Its not that far from the Linux Caffe.

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 04/18/2006 6:44 p.m. #

    I actually got my current hiking boots from MEC. Paid far more than I was planning because they had nothing in my (common) size or preferred colour among the regular hikers when I went in. They were also way too narrow...<br />
    <br />
    Long story short they haven't lasted well (sole broken in only 1.5 years of very light wear) and they were never particularly great boots (for me). This time I'm going to go for something simple and cheap so I don't care quite so much when they fall to pieces :) .

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