Tool-sharpening (My evening in coding...)

Spent this evening on unbillable work for VexTech. Mostly refactoring code so that generic code is available for use across projects while the application-specific code is isolated within the app. When you build big apps you tend to get application-framework fragments embedded into the app, and if you don't move them to a shared location you'll wind up either copying them or recreating them.

Anyway, my hands say I have to stop now, so I'm going to watch Battlestar Gallactica while I have dinner...

Oops, forgot that Shademan was coming over. Spent a few hours talking and then helping him fix his mother's computer (turned out that MSN Games uses the computer's clock compared against the server's clock and was just failing pretty much silently if they were out of sync). Silly that.

Anyway, on to dinner now.


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