No luck getting OpenGL docs built (Tools just not working...)

xsltproc and saxon are producing mutually unintelligible files and/or taking dozens of computer-hours of processing time to do the merge. Bit of a PITA, especially as these are the old source documents still (haven't received word back from the OpenGL board guys about using the 2.1 documentation set) so I will need to re-do anything I get working if/when I get the new docs.

I can't get saxon to recognise command-line options for the docbook-xsl stuff, so I can't reproduce the effects from the original documentation set (e.g. chunking into id-named files), which is annoying, as it was saxon we used to produce the original set. I can get xsltproc to recognise the options, but it's dog-slow on doing the merge (didn't complete with a full overnight run, versus about 40 minutes for saxon) and can't read the merged file saxon produces (chokes parsing a comment in a DTD).

Anyway, getting to the point of being fed up with xml/xsl right now. Think I'll work on something less annoying.


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