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Rote from Other Tongues

Do men in truth seduce
Women with such words
Ripped from other's mouths
By rote from other tongues
Will someday I seduce
Some gentle-leaning lady
Love someone unawares

Whether I Still Can

Watching a couple walk
Down Bathurst yesterday
I was struck by the years
Since last I practiced
Walking hand in arm
And idly I wondered
Whether I still can

Don't forget to reboot your Linux machines every few months (Software upgrades from weeks ago bite me...)

Managed to get the X server into a weird state that just refused to do anything, so I rebooted my workstation. And it could neither find the hardware clock nor start the X server. Apparently I have a new x-org (likely from that security problem a while ago) and the Nvidia driver didn't seem to ...

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I'd forgotten just how frustrating the SWIG-PyOpenGL build process is (So long to compile that I get distracted with other projects in the meantime...)

I'm finally sitting down to do some maintenance for PyOpenGL-SWIG. So far I'm just working on integrating the two major patches for GLUT (the FreeGLUT include patch and the glutTimerFunc patch). I'm really missing the instantaneous change-test cycle of OpenGL-ctypes at this point.

Anyway, have the package building on Gentoo again, going to have to ...

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