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Oh, that's the way a day is supposed to go (Chatting with intelligent, animated women all afternoon...)

Met (again, but this time we talked) Sacha (a.k.a. Sandra) down at Linux Caffe. We have a considerable number of common friends and she's delightful to talk to. She's constantly active, I don't believe I saw her sit still for even a second. Invited her to the party on Saturday so she can meet the ...

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Quick review of the downtime (What I've been doing...)

Blog has been down for a day or so. Zope seemed to be very unhappy. Anyway, went to DemoCamp yesterday. 4 demos, FeedCache (RSS caching/querying API from Tucows), BlogScope (keyword frequency analysis for textual data-flows such as blogs), a GenCon social networking app for planning your conference experience, and the BumpTop 2.5D physical-simulation desktop. Nothing ...

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Transit strikes are fun! (I've seen too many Vietnam war movies...)

I normally walk into Linux Caffe in the morning. It's a pleasant one hour walk down through the little neighbourhoods. This morning, however, as I headed out there were helicopters and planes swarming the place. I kept getting flashes of "distopianism" and feeling the urge to scurry from doorway to doorway to avoid the all-seeing ...

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A pleasant day (The temple gives you bandanas, incidentally...)

We had about 6 hours between the ceremony and the reception yesterday, so we headed over to Shane and Simon's friend Mia's place. Spent the afternoon discussing politics, social justice and the like with Mia's whole family. The kind of conversation that rekindles the fires in your heart.

I'm just uploading the pictures now. A ...

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Off to the wedding tomorrow (Wedding so huge it's being covered by the local food network...)

Heading out to suburbia to our friend Brendan's wedding tomorrow. I still haven't figured out what I'm supposed to wear on my head that's "business casual". (It's a traditional Sikh wedding). Neither the suggested scarf nor kerchief seems appropriate. I'm assuming a Red Hat baseball cap isn't suitable either... and that exhausts my rather limited ...

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The Editor Returned

The editor returned and thought
With broad and nuanced gestures
Her heavy ring clicking on her table
And this time we talked a tiny bit
Though I tried not to distract her much
From stories, sites and gentle words
So fun to see her working there
On thoughts to share with all the world
Just ...

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PyGTA Review of Python Web Frameworks (Part 1...)

This evening's PyGTA was fairly well attended given the rather short notice in advertising.  We got about 1/2 way through our discussion of web development frameworks, doing our initial survey of Django, TurboGears and Zope 2.

Some very interesting stuff coming up, such as the increasing use of the "Routes" package for cross-system composability configuration.  ...

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PyGTA is tomorrow evening (I should really set an alarm to remind me to send out reminders...)

PyGTA is on for tomorrow @ Linux Caffe (7pm). For once we don't have a conflict with DemoCamp (I'm thinking we need to switch nights at some point given how many people seem to be conflicted over the two). Anyway, tomorrow is on.

I'm proposing that we discuss web frameworks in a no-holds-barred review. What ...

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Learning is fun (Even if it's just accounting...)

Spent the bulk of today learning the basics of how to do the accounting for a small corporation in Canada. I'm planning to use GNUCash for the primary accounting system. We're going to be fairly small and simply structured, so it seems like a good fit. (I realise it seems weird I wouldn't just write ...

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Ever so minor movement on StarMail (Getting the basic record-to-file-then-move-to-directory stuff working)

Around a nap I spent the afternoon and evening playing with StarPy and StarMail. Not a huge advance, just getting the code set up to allow for recording messages in such a way that they only show up after they are complete (and are deleted if the caller cancels).

Anyway, going to watch Stargate Atlantis ...

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