I'd forgotten just how frustrating the SWIG-PyOpenGL build process is (So long to compile that I get distracted with other projects in the meantime...)

I'm finally sitting down to do some maintenance for PyOpenGL-SWIG. So far I'm just working on integrating the two major patches for GLUT (the FreeGLUT include patch and the glutTimerFunc patch). I'm really missing the instantaneous change-test cycle of OpenGL-ctypes at this point.

Anyway, have the package building on Gentoo again, going to have to test it now, likely finding that I've introduced some OpenGL-ctypes-isms into OpenGLContext along the way. So far biggest problem is that I can't get Togl to run, (cores on every attempt to init).

Fun-fun-fun :)


  1. Tony Arkles

    Tony Arkles on 05/15/2006 10:37 a.m. #

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    I'm just learning how frustrating it can be :D<br />
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