The benefits of hindsight (How I would have designed it had I known...)

I've been sitting here obsessively re-modelling the VoIP control application on paper. Various changes to the spec over the last month or so mean that, were I to start over again today I would have gone for a far more formalised and generic model.

Instead of trying to fit into an existing system (an original spec) I would have written the system to entirely replace the original system. I also would have written the code to be recursively hierarchic in structure, rather than a straightforward 3-level hard-coded hierarchy that models the original spec, but doesn't readily extend to encompass other operations.

Upshot is, now that I think that I know what the users really want, I could write it for them... of course, the project is pretty much finished, so there's no money available to rebuild the system. Sigh.

Also been playing with TurboGears a little this evening. More on that as I get into trying to build something.


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