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Picking up bits and pieces all day (I prefer deep thought to details...)

Spent the day in minor bug fixes and presentation tweaks. Nothing that makes one particularly proud at the end of the day, just stuff that has to be done if the product is going to launch. I didn't wind up compensating for yesterday's missing 1.5 hours, so I'm about 2 hours short of my goal ...

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Taxonomy of Joy

Shall I spin a taxonomy of joy
Each shiver of anticipation
The bracing fear before the leap
Golden paths on far horizons
Quiet nights by simple fires
Racing, running dancing free
Crash of near-miss thunder
Among the dark-forest'd trees
Or shall I simply tell her yes
It was also good for me

Stone Levies

The quiet amphitheater behind us
Echoes the distant thunder of the storm
On stone levies by the sweet-water sea
Hearts yearn to love and live to be

Dinner and a lightshow (Friends is the bestest entertainment...)

Out for dinner at a Korean place on Bloor near Christie last night. Very good deal for very good food ($10 including tip). Hung out at Starbucks before for a couple of hours. Afterward we drove down to the docks and hung out watching the thunderstorm until 1:30 or so.

Sacha gave us a demonstration ...

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