Whole day on documenting and automating (Time flies when you have other work to do...)

Was just intending to spend a few minutes on the emulation stuff today, but what with documenting the requirements, realizing they were rather involved and then trying to automate them, didn't get around to the client work I had on the todo list today.

Anyway, worked out a quick hack that lets me automatically download and convert the official images for VMWare and VirtualBox. Have a script that allows me to merge in an overlay directory as well, but as of yet all my overlays seem to break something in Sugar (filesystem and OS seem fine, it's just that I'm interfering with high-level services AFAICT).

Things to put into that overlay:

* reasonable .bashrc, .bash_profile contents
* reasonable aliases?
* vi/vim syntax colouring support
* script to set up ssh sharing with the host machine
* Activities directory for the user
* mechanism that allows you to save your work between iterations
* documentation pointers (web-browser bookmarks)
* scripts to simulate the various hardware (e.g. camera, touchpad)

I'm sure there's more, what would you want, developers?


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