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Happy afternoon world! (Oh how music makes me dance...)

Realised I wanted music this afternoon, so listened to the entire soundtrack of "Chess" as I was working. Then let xmms keep playing through the "camp and traditional" collection. About 30 minutes ago it hit this little pocket of marches and dance-ables... Johnny Horton (Sink the Bizmark, Ballad of the Green Berets), Johnny Cash, Black ...

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Don't forget to restart the server (Stupid little things that take hours to track down and seconds to fix...)

Turns out there were a few problems in the MTA provisioning, but the one that killed me was that I didn't restart the compilation services (SOAP servers) when I updated their code. Combined with a UI issue with the MTA's web front-end, it took quite a bit of time to track down the problem. There's ...

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