Great way to spend a night (Coffee and cheesecake and hours of conversation...)

Out to coffee to get to know a new friend better. One of those great conversations that refuses to die, even though you both know you should get going if you're going to be up in the morning.

One-on-one conversations really are so much deeper than the big-group ones. I like the big-group ones I suppose, but the one-on-one just seems so... hmm... I guess "rare" or "precious" is actually what I'm thinking. I guess maybe I haven't been having enough one-on-one conversation lately. I love exploring interesting people's minds.

On the way home three yahoos in a car slowed down and shouted for directions before lobbing two eggs at me. Not sure if they were drunk or just really bad shots, but they didn't come close. Silly yahoos.

Anyway, I've probably lost half of tomorrow's work-day already. I should head to bed now so I get the other half in.


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