Test suites are fun! (Cancelled meetings and working on almost-spec...)

Other than a few hours on the (largely finished) old project (so far), I've been concentrating today on TurboGears and particularly moving the BetterBilling project ahead. I've been running into (minor) SQLObject bugs here and there, probably because inheritance isn't a commonly used feature and I'm using it extensively.

I've finally got to the point of writing up tests (so far I've just been translating a sketch into an SQLObject version of that sketch). A few fixes as I've worked on that. Still want to get another hour or two in for the day. I'd like to get it to the point where you could imagine creating a simple VoIP provisioning front-end (minus the billing side) with it sometime this week.

BTW, yes, this is unbillable work for now. I have a number of upcoming projects where I want to have the framework built and largely ready-to-go so that I can just plug the user's requirements into it. It won't have any of the end-user-configurable package structure stuff, but that's not really necessary for the upcoming projects, it's fine to have to write a few lines of Python code for the less technical clients.


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