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Miniscule movement on OpenGL-ctypes (Figured out the problem with the tessellation code)

The tessellation code was broken because the vector passed to the vertex callback was being declared as a void_p instead of a c_double * 3 . Not working yet, as I have to figure out a way to have the callbacks use the preferred array data-type for converting the argument. Linux Caffe, however, is closing ...

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Doesn't quite make up for yesterday (But a very good day in for billables...)

Days when I'm just sitting down and coding straight, instead of bouncing between multiple tasks produce far more final product and get more billable hours in (6.5 today). It also helps when I'm at Linux Caffe, so there's nothing to do but work.

My workstation at home is upgrading itself to xorg-7.0 (modular), or rather, ...

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