Screenshot of Octy's Takeover (Crude renderer testing the simulation...)

Screenshot of Productive Rendering and Simulation TestWas a bit fried today, so wound up spending the bulk of it in little errands and relaxing. The weekend was fun, and I've been smiling all day about it. That said, didn't actually get much new done on the game. I did get the licensing issues sorted out.

One note to people running Jams/Sprints: if you are intending to license the results, remember to get agreement up front on the licenses (which didn't turn out to be a problem here), but just as importantly (maybe more so), get full names and contact information for everyone! Having "Bob" listed in your copyright notice probably won't pass muster anywhere.

What I did do today (starting about 3 hours ago) was to get some (extremely crude) UI interaction started in the rendering loop so that I can exercise the simulation code more. It pointed out one glaring "oops" in the rule-set; if all of your units were in uncontrolled territories then you died instantly (because your "society" had no food for anyone). Happened easily early in the game if you happened to walk into your neighbour's territory... suddenly you're both dead from starvation. Oops. That will eventually happen with a warning and the rest, so you could leave, but it's still a bug in the rules.

The (temporary) fix is that if you have no controlled territories, your units will live off their own resources. That will have to be tweaked slightly so that even if you have a territory (particularly a city), your farmers won't die off if they have food locally. For now the fix works fine, though.

BTW, figured out how to handle the AStar for the military units, it's just a matter of having a small inner loop that looks at each exit of a foreign-occupied tile and sees if there's an unoccupied one within jump-distance. If there is, that tile has a cost of 1, otherwise there is no tile behind the blocking tile.

Right now have to look at an issue for a customer, then head off to bed.


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