Very long day with 0 billables (And way too much caffeine)

Management meeting, then a quick trip to the library, then a crash due to the unreasonably early hour I had to get up at for the meeting, then the UU meeting, then coffee/drinks after the meeting with Bryan and co. I'm now tense and jittery from the caffeine, but my eyes aren't able to focus on the monitor.

Got a couple of books on epistemology from the library. First is a selection of readings from the major classic works in epistemology (up to the early 20th century). So far about 1/2 through the Plato (first) chapter, it's just an excerpt from the Republic, which I read long ago, but it's a good refresher. I picked up the book because I realised that my understanding of Kant's overall role in the history of epistemology was too cartoonish in its character, there are lots of other skeptics beside Hume, after all. The book actually has some non-western works as well, which is very attractive to me.

Second is a set of papers which start from historical overviews of a given topic and then try to present new ideas/solutions on the topic, i.e. a survey of modern topics of contention for discussion. Probably won't get to that before next week's Toronto Philosophy meeting, but it looks interesting.

Also picked up a collection of the Shakespearean sonnets. Randomly selecting them on the bus dropped me into the middle of a series that tries to convince someone (his lover?) to have a child. Interestingly, the only one that I remembered from the set was the one where the message isn't as clear... the direct ones are somewhat too straightforward IMO to be great, whereas the indirect one pulls more possibilities out with a gentler touch.


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