Win32 goes reasonably well (With a few annoyances...)

A few changes to the Win32 platform module and a few tweaks to deal with problems on Win32 (particularly with one of the image-packing settings that gets rejected as invalid, but which is just a belt-and-suspenders setting anyway).

Considerable number of the OpenGLContext demos are now working on Win32. I'll need to get various (compiled) libraries, such as GLE, Togl, SDL and the like installed to have the rest work. Also need to look at converting all of the demos to allow use of either numpy or Numeric.

The molehill demo is working on Win32, btw. That's a nurbs surface demo which fails on the same box running GLX. Could be I'm actually looking at a data-marshalling or similar failure on the 64-bit Linux platform I suppose. I really hope not.


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